Shred 3.0 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Shred 3.0 30 Day Fitness Challenge

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Hey loves…It’s Venus.

If you’re looking for an edge – something extra that can help you achieve the amazing results you deserve and desire the best route possible – then my Shred 3.0 Challenge 30 Day Fitness Challenge will not disappoint you.

What’s my “secret” to those most wanted results? A consistent nutritional diet! Yes...your diet is more important than exercise. You CANNOT out train a bad diet loves! I’m a firm believer that 80% of your results come from proper diet and nutrition. When combined with an effective training regimen it’s the game changer! The Body By Venus Shred 3.0 30 Day Challenge has it all! 

Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • BBV Shred body fat burning cardio recommendations 
  • BBV 30 Day core & weight training program
  • Weekly Zoom workouts with exercise demonstrations 
  • Private IG support group for all participants 
  • Customized Shred meal plan guide, grocery list and nutrition tips
  • Online coaching & email support 
  • Supplement recommendations 
  • Weekly accountability & progress check-ins 

If you’re ready to take your diet and training to the next level to get that Shred 3.0 body, I’m ready to help you achieve your goalsBegin your healthy fitness journey today to a brand new YOU! Let’s get these results!

Venus, xo