The Bootylicious BOGO Bundle

The Bootylicious BOGO Bundle

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Booty Builder:

Would you like to be able to walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do to build your glutes as fast as possible? This 8-week program is designed to specifically help tone, shape, strengthen, and build your booty/legs. 

Program Description:

  • Includes 8 weeks of home or gym-based workouts that cater to all levels of fitness
  • Exercise library with over 60 exercises
  • Video tutorials that demonstrate proper form
  • Digital downloadable PDF E-book that you can access easily and can save on your smartphone to take anywhere with you (not a DVD or mailed paper product)
  • UNLIMITED use once received, it never expires
  • Tips on how to reach your goals in a sustainable way


Booty Builder 2:

Ready to build the glutes of your dreams? Then the Booty Builder II Reloaded is perfect for you! This GLUTE-TASTIC program includes all of my favorite booty building exercises expertly crafted into 6 weeks of effective training circuits. Along with a DELICIOUS recipe based Macro meal plan AND exclusive booty building tips you’ll have all you need to maximize & enhance your booty growth and sculpt a beautiful curvy physique! Build those glutes and go from FLAT to STACKED…Let’s GROW!🍑🍑


🔻EXCLUSIVE BBV 6 week/5 day training splits of unique GYM and HOME based training circuits (60+ exercises with video demonstrations)

🔻5 different effective Cardio protocols for at HOME or GYM to support muscle mass retention and to maximize fat loss

🔻Glute Activation Exercises with Video Demos, Daily Step Goals, Sauna and Active Recovery recommendations

🔻 Variety of glute building methods including cable exercises, resistance bands, gym machines with squat rack, compound exercise movements and much more for total body sculpting