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Lean And Built

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Lean & Built:

Burning away unwanted fat while gaining lean muscle is not a myth! This is a proven method called body recomposition and while it is anything but easy, it can be made simple to help you achieve your desired goals. 

The Body By Venus Lean & Built meal plan is designed to create fat loss, support the building of lean muscle and aid with achieving weight loss. A successful body recomposition transformation is all about what and how you eat. 

This is a simple and straightforward introduction to disciplined clean eating to boost the metabolism and burn fat together with an effective strength training regimen to gain muscle. Keep in mind, nutritional foods FUEL your body to perform better, digest better and maximize energy! 

Over the next 6 weeks of this program, you will learn portion control, the benefits of eating consistently throughout the day and successful eating habits which help to manage a healthy appetite. I do understand that we all have different caloric requirements and needs, but if you trust the process and follow this meal plan, I can guarantee you will see results! Ready? Let’s go!