Savage Shred V Fitness Challenge

Savage Shred V Fitness Challenge

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Training Program with challenge materials will be sent out via email Launch Day🚀

Hey loves…It’s Venus.

If you’re looking for an edge – something extra that can help you achieve the amazing “VISIBLE” results you deserve and desire – then my Savage Shred V 30 Day Fitness Challenge ☀️Summer Edition☀️ will not disappoint!🙌🏽

What’s my “secret” to those most wanted results? Healthy lifestyle habits and a consistent well balanced nutritional diet! Yes...your diet is more important than exercise. You CANNOT out train a bad diet loves! I’m a firm believer that 80% of your results come from proper diet and nutrition. When combined with an effective training regimen it’s the game changer! The Body By Venus Savage Shred V 30 Day Fitness Challenge has it all! 

Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • BBV Shred weight loss & body fat burning cardio recommendations 
  • BBV 30 Day ab, core & glute training circuits
  • Weekly Zoom workouts with exercise demonstrations & modifications 
  • Team Sunday Zoom calls for support, motivation & challenge questions 
  • Customized Shred meal plan, grocery list and nutrition tips
  • Online coaching & email support 
  • Supplement recommendations 
  • Weekly accountability & progress check-ins 

If you’re ready to take your diet and training to the next level to get that defined Shred V physique, I’m ready to help you achieve your goalsBegin your healthy fitness journey today to a brand new YOU! Let’s get these results!

Venus, xo