SHRED + Macro Meal-Plan Program

SHRED + Macro Meal-Plan Program

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Introducing my 8 Week Shred Guide to those most wanted sculpted abs & a trim physique! The SHRED program will help you drop body fat and define those abs with effective and progressive ab & core training methods. Combined with your 8-week macro based meal plan, you will have everything you need to reach your goals! 

SHRED Description:

  • Includes 8 weeks of home or gym-based workouts that cater to all levels of fitness
  • Exercise library with over 60 exercises
  • Video tutorials that demonstrate proper form
  • Digital downloadable PDF E-book that you can access easily and can save on your smartphone to take anywhere with you (not a DVD or mailed paper product)
  • UNLIMITED use once received, it never expires
  • Tips on how to reach your goals in a sustainable way
  • 5-6 days of GYM or HOME based Ab training circuits
  • Higher volume of sets and reps with shorter rest periods to get you burning fat
  • Daily step goals to help keep you active and accountable throughout the day.
  • (Phase 1) Weeks 1-4 - Ab Training & Development (150 reps/day)
  • (Phase 2) Weeks 5-8 - Ab Sculpting & Definition (250 reps/day)
  • Wednesday & Saturday are active rest days with increased interval cardio times.
  • Cardio Options: Stairmaster Interval cardio, Treadmill LISS cardio, Hiking, Walking
  • This program can be done in addition to a regular weight training program or by itself

Meal Guide Description:

  • Macro based
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Alternative food replacement list
  • Learn how to eat to maintain a lean and healthy physique