The 7 Figure Physique + 7 Days Of Carb Cycling

The 7 Figure Physique + 7 Days Of Carb Cycling

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The 7 Figure Physique Program Description:

If you’re excited to achieve the amazing results you deserve and desire with proven sustainable success tools – then The 7 Figure Physique Full Body Training Program will not disappoint. This program uses minimal equipment that will yield optimal results and is designed for use at home or in the gym! 

The 7 Figure Physique is a six week program designed using my unique combinations of compound movements to help you get stronger, improve mobility, boost your endurance capacity and build lean muscle mass while you sculpt a well-rounded defined physique.

The recommended training split for this program is 5 days of training with 2 active recovery days. Feel free to adjust the workout to 4 days if needed or add an extra day for those extra results, however one day of rest & recovery is a MUST. 

In addition to exercising, HOW you eat is equally important to maximize optimal results! To ensure your fitness goals are supported with proper nutrition the Seven Figure Physique Program will include a  7 Day Carb Cycling Meal Plan designed to teach you how to make food work for your body to help you effectively reach your goals! 

Once learned, the proven success tools within this program can become a lifestyle for you and help you achieve & sustain results for the physique of your dreams! It’s MONEY TIME loves!💰 Let’s create that Seven Figure Physique!!


7 Days Of Carb Cycling Description:

We all know that results are earned in the kitchen! I designed The seven days of carb cycling meal plan to help you achieve your optimal 7 figure physique one week at a time. This meal plan will allow you to strategically enjoy both low and high carb meals during the course of your transformation. The high carbs days will fuel your workouts and the low carb days will aid in trimming body fat. This meal plan is suitable for beginners and experienced dieters. Meal plan also includes plant based and vegetarian friendly food recommendations.